Making the most of our waste Alcohol during COVID-19

Normally, the end of March is the time we start getting ready for the busy tourist season. However, this year was very different. Instead of our lovely little town coming to life, the streets were left unusually empty due to the coronavirus pandemic.

 Although we were put into lockdown, we wanted to help. With the shortages of hand sanitiser, we knew this was our opportunity to give back to our lovely community. We had all the equipment needed. We got to work straight away, and made our ‘Copperfish Hand Sanitiser’ in the safest way we could.

After some research we found that the WHO recipe would be the best, and so we managed to order a small amount of bottles. Fortunately, we know the very lovely Neil Hipkiss from CooLoo, who – as usual, was very happy to help, and designed and printed the little stickers for our bottles.

A Wish for William

It would not be right to capitalise on this awful situation, so we asked for a small donation to a local charity. The local charity was ‘A wish for William‘. William is a local 3 year old boy that has a very rare condition called AHDS. This means he has a quirky gene that makes his muscles weak and undeveloped. The money we raised selling sanitiser will go towards therapies that will help him progress.

Batch one of our sanitiser was a huge success, we even managed to get some to our local doctors surgery.

Now that sanitiser is available in the shops, we will be going back to what we do best and concentrating on the drinkable alcohol, but we do have the scope to make more sanitiser if and when required.

Want to donate?

The Just Giving Wish for William Page is here: