Locally sourced Tea makes our new Copperfish Flavour so special

Like the nation, we are all tea lovers down here at the Distillery so when it came to choosing flavours for our Moonshine, this was a no-brainer. The nations favourite hot drink, mixed with our tasty Moonshine seems to be a perfect partnership. The corn we use for our Moonshine is local, so it only seemed right that the tea should be too!

A long term relationship turns into business opportunity

We have known Duncan from Cornish Tea for years and love the ethos behind his business.

Cornish tea was created for the people of Cornwall and beyond. Something that should be celebrated as all that is wondrous and scrumptious about our county. This is something that we can totally relate to.

Just Look at our wonderful range of Moonshine Flavours

We are always looking at new flavour combinations for our growing range of spirits and will be looking at what other Cornish products we can use in the future…  Pasty Gin anyone?