Copperfish Rum Brand Shines in DRIFT Epicure 2023

Have you seen our recent feature about our award winning Copperfish Rum brand  in the latest edition of DRIFT Epicure 2023, a renowned quality publication owned by Engine House Media? It’s packed with interesting information about how we craft our great tasting rums.

Our glorious feature is from page 27 to 30 in this latest edition. These pages offer an extraordinary platform to showcase our Copperfish Rum. The feature includes images of our rum selection and distillery, providing readers with a behind the scenes glimpse at our stills. It also explains the skilled and time consuming craft of our “cane to glass” approach which has lead to our multi award winning range.

Drift Magazine:

DRIFT Epicure 2023 is a publication that celebrates Cornwall’s finest culinary offerings. This prestigious magazine serves as a guide to indulging in the ultimate of fine food and drink. It’s a must-read for food enthusiasts and holiday makers seeking to expand their gastronomic horizons in Cornwall.

You can read the full edition…Here: DRIFT Epicure 2023.

Featured Product

“We’re very pleased to be working with the team at Drift Epicure to amplify our message of how we make our award winning rums. The feature is a great visual and informative piece that really helps the reader to understand our passion to create these outstanding drinks”

Andy Walton

Andy is the Co founder and Sales & Marketing lead for Copperfish and created the Copperfish brand.

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